The Truths About Divorce That No One Tells You First

Posted on : June 16, 2017
Divorce Lawyer
There are few things about divorce considered easy or simple. However, there are some things that people are genuinely surprised about after their divorce is over and wish they knew before diving in. Here are some little talked about but still important truths about divorce. 1. Counseling May Effectively Solve Your Issues Without the Need...
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What You Need to Know About Contract Disputes in Arizona

Posted on : June 14, 2017
One of the most common causes of business litigation in Arizona are contract disputes. Understanding the value of having an appropriately drafted contract as well as having access to an experienced business lawyer can help you navigate this process more successfully and decrease the chances that you’ll find yourself involved in a contract dispute. The...
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Business Formation Tips for Partners: Use a Buy-Sell Agreement

Posted on : June 4, 2017
buy-sell agreements should be drafted by an AZ business lawyer
Change is the only constant among small businesses. A sudden departure of a partner, whether it’s due to divorce, choosing to leave the business or passing away, could happen at some point in time. Having a plan in place to assist your business navigate through this process can be critical. The use of a buy-sell...
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