One of the most common causes of business litigation in Arizona are contract disputes. Understanding the value of having an appropriately drafted contract as well as having access to an experienced business lawyer can help you navigate this process more successfully and decrease the chances that you’ll find yourself involved in a contract dispute.

The best way to avoid a contract dispute is to ensure that your drafted contract clearly explains all the terms of the business agreement. When both parties are clear on their responsibilities early on, the chances of a future dispute are minimized and there’s a strong foundation on which to pursue a legal claim if necessary.

Having a lawyer who will review, draft and litigate contracts on your behalf gives you the peace of mind that you can continue focusing on your business, while knowing that someone is advocating for your best interest. In the state of Arizona, contracts can be written or oral and whether or not the contract is valid on legal grounds depends on numerous factors. One plaintiff has to claim that a legitimate contract existed at one point in time. Furthermore, the plaintiff must allege that:

  • The contract was legally binding.
  • There was a breach of the contract.
  • The contract breach had negative implications on the operation of the plaintiff’s business, and
  • There were no legitimate defenses for such a breach.

If you are involved in a disagreement with a vendor or another individual over a contract, you need to understand your rights clearly. Taking legal action and enhancing or advancing this case to the level of litigation requires an experienced Arizona business lawyer. The statute of limitations involving a written breach of contract in Arizona is 6 years after the breach occurs. When it comes to oral agreements, however, you must file within 3 years of the alleged breach. These time limitations are important, so consider the value of setting up a consultation with an experienced business lawyer now.

If you intend to use contracts regularly, as many business owners do, having an established relationship with an Arizona business lawyer can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind that your contracts have been drafted and reviewed appropriately.

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