make sure you hire a business lawyer to help with your company DBA name

Many people who are launching their business for the first time have questions around the number of acronyms they encounter as they launch their company.

One of these is known as DBA. You may see DBA referenced on numerous paperwork or forms used to launch a company. DBA stands for Doing Business As and is simply another name for your business. Sometimes, for example, individuals wish to use business and corporate names. How you choose to establish your business is an important consideration and one that you should not overlook.

If you choose to reference another name of your company as you go forward, you should be aware of the pros and cons of doing this. You also need to know what it means from the perspective of business registration. Sitting down first with a lawyer can help you figure out how this is in your best interests and what you can expect as you proceed.

Hiring the right business law attorney to help you with the development of this paperwork surrounding the establishment of your business including how you choose to file as a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership or LLC, in addition to the development of the necessary contracts to use with your employees and your contractors, will give you a great deal of peace of mind as you move forward. Having an established relationship with an experienced business law attorney will also ensure that you have a trusted ally when it comes time to manage a problem.

Unfortunately, many businesses may find themselves at some point in the midst of litigation and having a knowledgeable business attorney who has handled cases like yours before and knows the ins and outs of your individual company, can prove extremely advantageous when needing to manage lawsuits as well as developing a risk mitigation plan to decrease the chances of these lawsuits being pursued in the future. With complex issues being considered beyond the name of your company and how you show yourself as doing business, the right business lawyer is here to help you.  

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