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Dealing with finances is a significant part of any relationship. However, how you deal with your finances as a couple can play a big role in whether or not your relationship lasts. Many people believe that true love is enough, and while it’s certainly a critical factor, other issues also come into play to make a marriage work. Here’s how money can lead to a divorce and how you can get the representation you need if a divorce is imminent.

The Results Are In

According to CNBC, money plays a huge role in relationships. Different opinions and views on how to handle money can cause a lot of strain.

  • 35% of individuals reported that money problems were the primary cause of stress within their relationship. Annoying habits came in second place, with only 25% of individuals reporting that bad habits caused stress in their relationship.
  • 34% of individuals said that they were the “money saver” in their relationship and their partner was the “money spender.” 13% of individuals said that they were the “money spender” and their partner was the “money saver.” This means that almost half of individuals surveyed believe that they have a different outlook on money than their partner.
  • One in five people has spent more than $500 and kept what they spent hidden from their partner.
  • 6% of people in relationships say that they keep secret credit cards or bank accounts that their partner doesn’t know about.

How to Keep Money from Unraveling Your Marriage

If you and your partner have differing views on money, consider taking a financial class to learn more about money. Through education, you can hopefully reach a compromise on how money is spent and saved in your household. It’s important that you and your spouse agree on how money is handled. Differing ideas can quickly lead to disagreements, fights, and even separation and divorce.

Is Divorce Imminent?

Whether money is causing you and your spouse problems or there are one or more other reasons that led you to believe a divorce is necessary, it’s time to ensure that you have adequate legal representation through the divorce process. While counseling or marital therapy can be helpful in the beginning stages of marital strain, sometimes divorce is the only choice that will help you move forward after a marriage has become too damaged to repair.

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