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There are few things about divorce considered easy or simple. However, there are some things that people are genuinely surprised about after their divorce is over and wish they knew before diving in. Here are some little talked about but still important truths about divorce.

1. Counseling May Effectively Solve Your Issues Without the Need for a Divorce

Don’t move forward with your divorce before at least considering counseling. Many troubled couples find that even though their marital problems seem bigger than they can handle, counseling can help them avoid a divorce. If a divorce is still imminent, counseling can often help both parties to become more amicable toward each other, making for an easier split.

2. A Spouse Who Cares Mostly About Money Should Raise a Red Flag

If your spouse seems overly concerned with the financial aspects of the divorce — even if you two share children together — this should raise a red flag. Your spouse may do everything in his or her power to keep you from obtaining assets or spousal support, even if it is well within your rights to receive them.

3. Often, Divorced Couples End Up Back Together

The notion that divorced couples go on to find new and better partners simply isn’t true. In fact, many divorced couples actually end up back together, whether just a few months or several years after the divorce was finalized. This is particularly true in cases of longer marriages.

4. Divorce Usually Doesn’t Make People Happier Unless They’re In an Abusive Marriage

Many divorced people report that they’re just as unhappy as they were before the marriage ended. So divorce isn’t necessarily the golden ticket to happiness. However, the opposite is usually true of people who were in abusive relationships.

5. You’ll Feel a Great Deal of Grief, But it is Something You Can Survive

Whether you wanted the divorce to happen or not, you’ll likely grieve it. You’ll grieve the end of your marriage and your ideas for what your future was going to be. Be ready for this grief, but know that it doesn’t last. You can and will survive.

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