cclitigationExperienced Phoenix Litigator Assisting Individuals and Companies with Resolving Business Disputes

One of the major costs of doing business is handling disputes. Whether these disputes occur with a customer, co-worker, landlord, or contractor, you need to be prepared to respond, defend yourself, or litigate in order to return to business as usual. Even if your case settles prior to trial, a skilled Phoenix trial attorney is vital at every step. A trial attorney understands how to approach every stage of the dispute as if preparing for the jury, including what to say to the other side and how to say it. Using our years of legal training and experience with courtroom persuasion, we can help you protect your business.

Monahan Law Firm knows the necessity of understanding the inner-workings of your business in order to expeditiously resolve disputes so that your business can successfully move forward. To help you effectively solve these issues, we exhaustively apply the law to the individual circumstances of each case, thereby offering our clients informed advice, both before and during litigation. The odds of success for your case hinge on a competent pre-litigation assessment of the facts and law, budget, and client objectives.

Our diverse litigation practice includes:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Misrepresentation and Fraud
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Business Torts
  • Other General Civil and Commercial Matters


Contract Disputes

Contracts are the backbone of your business. A necessary evil, they govern the relationships you have with employees, equipment providers, distributors and manufacturers, service providers, architects and builders, and customers. When a party breaches the contract, either by failing to pay or perform as agreed in the contract, the party in breach is liable for damages. If you are involved in a contract dispute, our firm can help you negotiate with the other party and, if need be, proceed to court.

Misrepresentation and Fraud

As a business owner, you want to forge relationships with people you can trust. When someone misrepresents something to you, exaggerates something, or outright lies, you don’t have to let their fraudulent behavior ruin your business or reputation. Fraud is both a crime and civil tort, meaning you can seek compensation for the harm caused by the misrepresentation.

Partnership Disputes

While you and your partner may have started out on the same page when forming your business, you may now be encountering issues and disagreements regarding the future of your company. To resolve partnership disputes, you need a talented Phoenix contract dispute lawyer to guide you through mediation and litigation against your partner in order to protect your business.

Construction Issues

If you are renovating or building new property, you may run into a whole host of issues, ranging from contract disputes to personal injury liability. A unique set of Arizona statutes and case law dictate construction site work conditions and more. An experienced Phoenix construction law attorney can counsel you on common issues.

Real Estate Law

In order to operate your business, you need an office. While some owners purchase property for their business, others lease commercial space. Under both scenarios, owners may encounter a variety of real estate law issues, such as premises liability, real estate sales contract disputes, breach of rental agreement, and title defects. Our real estate law team can provide you with guidance on how to navigate these issues.

Business Torts

Torts are civil wrongs that cause injury and affect the sustainability of your business. Whether you are the subject of a defamatory statement, are involved with fraudulent activity, or a customer was injured in a slip & fall accident, we can explain your options and help you choose how to approach the problem.

Resume Business as Usual with the Assistance of a Qualified Phoenix Commercial Litigator

Monahan Law Firm, PLC is equally committed to effective, cost-efficient, and aggressive representation throughout the lawsuit.  We provide representation to small and large businesses located throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Avondale, Buckeye, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Sun City, Surprise, Tempe, and all of Maricopa County. To speak with an experienced Phoenix commercial litigation lawyer, call us at (623) 385-3190 today to schedule a consultation.