constructionTalented Commercial Litigation Assistance for Construction Companies in the Phoenix Metropolitan Region

Whether you are a construction company or are simply having residential or commercial construction work being performed, you may encounter a host of legal issues. Construction law is a unique area of law because it encompasses a wide variety of potential problems. These problems include contract disputes, workmanship issues, and permit or licensing issues with local Arizona authorities. Your goal as a business owner is to minimize risk, ensure smooth operation, pursue efficiency, and maximize profits. In order for this to happen, however, you must be prepared for any contingencies that may arise. By seeking the review and guidance of an experienced attorney who focuses in construction law, you will have crucial access to counsel when you need it most. In addition, if an issue has already arisen, such as a breach of contract, a knowledgeable construction lawyer can help you determine your options and pursue the best interests of your business.

General contractors, subcontractors, owners, suppliers, developers, and other construction professionals operate their businesses in a complex field. Claims and disputes often require an in-depth understanding of the construction industry. Monahan Law Firm, PLC provides the necessary knowledge of construction law in the areas of contract drafting and negotiation, bond claims, mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens, pre-liens, construction defect, prompt payment, and collections. While a significant part of the construction law practice involves the resolution of claims through the court system, arbitration, mediation, and administrative hearings, we also know the importance of risk management. Consulting services are an important aspect of our practice. Contractual drafting/review is a necessary precaution to protect our clients’ interests before a dispute arises.

Contract Disputes

As a business owner, you are likely well-versed in contracts and understand that every relationship you have with an outside party requires the use of a contract. While oral contracts are enforceable in Arizona, we recommend that your business always utilize written contracts in order to reduce the likelihood of breach, facilitate an easier mediation and negotiation in the event of breach, and provide hard evidence of contract terms should the court need to get involved in a dispute.  More importantly, it is important that the contract comply with statutory requirements.

If you are a construction company or an individual looking to construct property, you may experience contract disputes before the job is finished. These contracts may be with construction workers, architects, service and equipment providers, and property owners or landlords. When a party breaches the contract, business loss is inevitable. Whether you end up wasting valuable time finding a replacement or must abandon the project due to faulty workmanship, your business can seek compensation designed to place it in the same position it would have been in had the contract been performed as agreed.  While contract disputes can be settled out-of-court, our firm can skillfully navigate you through the dispute process, to include mediation and trial.

Permits and Licensing

As you are likely aware, in order to construct anything in Arizona, you must receive the proper permitting and licensing from local authorities. For instance, your building plans must be approved before you even dig the first hole at the worksite. Permits, approvals, and licensing are incredibly complex and confusing. We have years of experience assisting businesses and homeowners with construction permits and approvals and can counsel you on what you need to do and how to do it.

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