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Monahan Law Firm, PLC is passionate about helping the community. We are committed to assisting ministry and non-profit organizations with their call-to-faith-based community involvement. Our Ministry & Non-Profit practice aids individuals and organizations with activities such as establishing foster care facilities, support groups, and youth groups, as well as lowering start-up costs and providing services to disadvantaged people and persons in need.

Unlike for-profit businesses, we understand that churches, charities, ministries, and non-profit organizations are heavily reliant on volunteers and staff. These organizations are therefore ill-equipped and often times wholly unable to spend large amounts of money on lawyers unless the expense aids the bottom line or is funded by an outside source. Therefore, it is Monahan Law Firm’s duty to provide faith-based organizations with the requisite legal services they need so they can subsequently enrich the lives of others.

We can also assist non-profits with complex legal questions and issues. Let us tackle your pressing legal concerns so that you can focus on what is most important – helping others.

Phoenix Non-Profit Formation Assistance

If your calling is to help others through faith-based outreach and support, you may have contemplated creating a non-profit organization designed to provide services to persons in need but were discouraged by the confusing non-profit formation process, tax exempt application procedure, and start-up costs. Monahan Law Firm has experience with commercial litigation and business formation and can translate its skills in the business world to helping your ministry serve the community. We can explain how to apply for 501(c)(3) status to eliminate tax liability, copyright and trademark your organization’s name and slogan, register your non-profit with the state of Arizona, and navigate the start-up process. This includes reviewing and drafting contracts, handling real estate issues, and providing you with legal advice concerning any disputes that may arise, thereby reducing your start-up costs.

Assistance with Establishing Support Groups for Foster Children, Youth, and Disadvantaged Individuals in Phoenix

When you want to form a foster care facility or create a support group for youth or other disadvantaged people, you need a lawyer with a passion for faith and community service. We understand that as a non-profit, you do not have access to the funds and resources of a for-profit business. We can help you with understanding state guidelines for establishing a foster home or youth group, renting space for support groups, reaching out to persons in need of your assistance, and managing conflicts that happen at the foster home or support group.

Non-Profit Legal Guidance in Phoenix

Like any organization, by providing services, you set yourself up for liability. Because your non-profit does not bring in revenue, your donations may not be enough to cover unexpected expenses like civil lawsuits. Monahan law firm can assist you by answering your legal questions and investigating any complaints. We can also defend you against any false accusations and help you protect the integrity of your organization so that you can continue to provide much-needed services to the public.

Helping You Help Others

Our passion for the law is surpassed only by our passion for faith. We are active members of local churches and regularly volunteer for non-profit organizations. Monahan Law Firm strives to assist the community by supporting the churches, ministries, and non-profits that provide invaluable and necessary services to those in need. We assist non-profits located throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Avondale, Buckeye, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Sun City, Surprise, Tempe, and all of Maricopa County. For assistance with your non-profit organization, contact Monahan Law Firm today at (623) 385-3190.