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Our Arizona Business Lawyer is experienced and qualified to offer you legal advice and help you with your paperwork. As business lawyers, we ourselves have been in business and so the advice that we offer our clients is day-to-day practical advice that is related to their experience.

Some individuals think that they should only turn to a business lawyer when their business is in trouble. However, simple acts of prevention can help you prevent the problem in the first place. Let our legal counsel show you how we can help.

It is necessary for you to find the business law firm that suits your business and the needs that it has. Finding excellent and quality business law representation is essential in maintaining the integrity of your business. When you have to operate your business it can be stressful and confusing to handle the legal matters concerning your business on your own.

A team of qualified business lawyers will come in handy since it is crucial for your business documents, forms and contracts, trading documents, and manuals to be drafted clearly and in the right manner. This will help you to avoid liability.

Areas of Business Law We Handle

The Monahan Law Firm Arizona business lawyer will provide you with a variety of legal services as a small business owner, prospective business owner, business professional, investor, real estate professional, and any other business owner.

  • Partnership disputes
  • Leasing disputes
  • Real estate and property disputes
  • Non-payment and business dissolution disputes.
  • Other business-related disputes.

The business attorneys at Monahan Law Firm are experienced litigators that work comfortably in the courtroom and are as well skilled negotiators.

Our other practice areas in our business law practice include:


When selling your property we help you through the process. Our business sales lawyers can go through the documents handed over to you by the other party to make sure that everything is in order.

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When you are making a purchase you want to make sure that a business attorney is there to look out for you. Our business purchase attorneys can help you to draft all the necessary documents so you can make that you get a fair deal.


It is essential to work with a business lawyer that has experience so they can help you to review the various needs that your business has and understand the formalities, tax structures, and the benefits of the type of business structure that you would like to know about. Types of business structures include sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and limited liability partnerships.

Our business formation lawyers can help you to navigate the process of establishing your new company. Depending on the business structure you will be required to take either a formal approach or a casual approach.

Business Transactions

While carrying out business transactions you can consult with an attorney who can help ensure that they go smoothly. Our business transaction attorneys can help with all forms of purchases, sales, and more.

When Should You Hire a Business Lawyer?

As a business owner or someone that is thinking of starting a business, it would be beneficial to have a business lawyer close by. There are plenty of situations where you would need an attorney, but below are some of the circumstances where you will need an attorney.

Drafting a Contract

For most individuals that do not have a background in law, contracts are usually a bit hard to draft due to the confusing legal terms and processes. When you want to start your business it is worth having a sit down with a business lawyer so you can draw a contract that you will use when working with clients, suppliers, and as well other parties.

A business lawyer will be able to spot issues that could have been left out when the contract was being drawn. Also, they can help in making the contract clear and enforceable.

When you sign a business contract or employment agreement that you have no understanding of or one that leaves out important issues you may have to go through a lengthy and expensive litigation process later on. Investing in legal advice for your business law matter can help you avoid this.

Issues with Employees

Employment can be complex. As an employer, you have a legal obligation towards your employees. If an employee raises an issue against you will need a business lawyer to defend you.

Changing the Business Structure or Ownership of Your Business

When you are setting up a business one of the challenges that you will have is deciding on the structure of the business. You can rely on our business attorney that has sufficient legal experience to tell you about the pros and cons of the business. Also, if you would like to change the structure of your business down the line we can advise you on the options and as well help you with the paperwork.

How a Business Attorney Can Help You

There are various ways that an attorney can help you:

Helping You Choose a Suitable Business Structure

It is crucial to choose a suitable business structure before you start your business so you can avoid unnecessary legal issues later on. When you hire a business attorney they can assess your business and help to understand the setup cost of your business, your tax obligation, help you understand liabilities so you are able to choose a suitable business structure.

You Can Prevent Lawsuits

When you hire a lawyer you can reduce incidences of lawsuits from your business occurring including lawsuits from your employees. A business lawyer can help you to understand state and federal employment. It helps to be proactive before a lawsuit or business dispute occurs.

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Other ways that a business attorney can help are:

  • Protection of intellectual property. We are knowledgeable on intellectual property law and we can help with copyright & intellectual property matters. 
  • Real-estate leases and agreements.

Our Business attorney at Monahan Law Firm can be an asset to your business.

How to Find the Right Business Attorney

Hiring a great business law attorney does not mean that you have to break your budget. However, it can help you avoid legal troubles that can prove to be expensive down the road. If you are going to trust an attorney to help you out with your business then you need a plan on how to go about finding a great attorney for your business.

So, how do you find the best business attorney?

  • You need to start by asking yourself why you need a business attorney and then consider the services offered by various business attorneys.
  • Use your network or legal directory to find a business attorney and go through the customer reviews.
  • List the attorneys that you are considering and prepare a list of questions to ask them so you can decide on who you want to represent you.
  • Find out about their fee arrangement and see if it suits you and fits your budget.

At Monahan Law Firm, our experienced business attorneys want to see you thrive, your success is our success. You can trust us to handle your business affairs or legal matter. Give us a call and schedule your initial consultation. Let’s talk business.

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