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We have been bringing peace back home to families in Arizona for some time now and we enjoy what we do. We have years of experience and in that time we have acquired the legal knowledge necessary to work on family law cases. No matter the situation you are dealing with you can count on our Arizona family law attorney's compassion and support throughout the process. When an individual is facing divorce everything seems to be at stake.

As legal professionals, our role is to help families and spouses to be able to find solutions for child support and child custody by navigating the complex Arizona divorce laws.

Most of the time when it comes to family law there are no easy answers. As a firm, we understand that your well-being is dependent on how we guide you and how we will handle your situation. We take our job seriously and even more our responsibility towards you. We want to earn your trust and we continue to prove that you can trust us throughout the entire process. Our clients are like family to us and even after the case, we want you to feel that you are family to us.

You can get in touch with our Arizona Family Law Attorney and tell us what you would want us to do for you.

Areas of Family Law We Handle

As you look for options in Arizona to offer you legal representation we hope that you can give Monahan Law Firm a chance to represent you. Here are the areas that we can offer you representation with:


Every divorce is different. Some can be settled amicably while others are highly contested divorce cases, Regardless of the divorce process you are going through we can help. We offer our family law clients in different family law practice areas. With divorce issues such as parenting time, property division, child support and custody arise and our divorce attorneys can help find a resolution for these issues.

Child Support

We can help you work out child support matters if you are newly getting divorced. Also, in the case where your ex-spouse is not paying our child support lawyers can file a petition to enforce on your behalf.

Child Custody

We want to help ensure that your children are protected and settled even after the divorce. Let our experienced child custody attorneys help you and your children with the best solution.


Establishing paternity can help if you want to have parental rights over your child or if you do not want to continue paying child support. We can help with the process of establishing paternity.

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Alimony or spousal support is an important issue when you are going through the process of divorce. Our alimony attorneys can help you to establish, modify, or to establish a spousal support order.


If you want to get married a prenup or prenuptial agreement is essential. We can help you to draft a prenuptial agreement that’s favorable to you both.

When You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

You can hire a lawyer at any time you want or depending on how much the situation you are in demands their services. Even so, there are situations where it would be recommended for you to hire an attorney that will be able to help you with your family law issues.

Below are some of those instances:

Family Issues

Family law matters have wide coverage and the issues that need to be resolved fall under different categories. You will need a specialist in family law to help resolve these issues. Family issues include matters such as:

  • Adoption
  • Domestic abuse
  • Divorce
  • Guardianship

Our dedicated family law attorneys provide a variety of family law services and you can trust us to handle your family law matters.

Filing Documents on Your Behalf

You can trust our experienced family law attorney today to keep important family documents. The documents can act as proof in case any issues arise.

Drafting Wills and Estate plans

When you are drafting your estate plan or will it is essential for you to have your attorney present during the signing of your will this way they can keep a record of your will. Also, an estate planning attorney will help in providing legal guidance and as well act as a mediator in case of a conflict.

There are many instances where you would need an attorney and our dedicated family law team at Monahan law firm is here to help you resolve your issues.

Review Your Case With Our Family Law Attorneys

You can trust our family law practice with your family law matter. We would like to review your case and offer solutions. Our family law lawyer has the legal experience that you need while handling your family law legal issues. Call a family lawyer from the Monahan Law Firm and schedule an initial consultation. 

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