How Paternity Works for Unwed Fathers in Arizona

When a married couple has a child together, the wife’s husband is assumed to be the biological father of the child. This applies even when the couple was unmarried when the child was conceived. So, the simplest method of establishing paternity is through marriage to your child’s mother. As the number of unmarried parents continues to climb, it’s worthwhile to know how an unmarried father can get paternity rights. Read More

Business Succession Planning is Heavily Intertwined with Estate Planning

The basic, underlying purpose of estate planning is to make sure your assets go to the individuals you want to receive those assets. If you own a small or mid-sized business that’s closely held, you certainly want to make sure an asset of such significance is passed on effectively and according to your goals. While business succession planning is distinct from estate planning, they cannot be fully separated for Read More

5 Factors That Impact Your Company’s Valuation

Depending on which side of a business purchase you occupy (buyer or seller), you probably have preferences on the valuation method used to determine how much the target business interest is worth. The result is usually a combination of two or more types of valuation methods, but some factors will generally be present in whichever method you choose. Below, we’ve outlined five important elements.  The team. Some Read More

3 Common Ways of Coming to a Company’s Valuation

There are plenty of details behind the sticker price of something as complex as a business. If you are looking to purchase an existing business, you will want to know the method the seller used to come up with the target company’s valuation. There are other situations that necessitate a thorough understanding of the valuation of a business. Our blog will go over three prevalent methods for coming up with a company’s Read More

The Problem with Do-It-Yourself Legal Services (and Our Solution)

There are a few legal matters that a sizable number of Americans will have to deal with at some point — Divorce, estate planning (wills and trusts), real estate issues, and business law, to name a few. To respond to the demand of these common legal issues, countless online services have provided products and services to help consumers handle these matters on their own. Some you might have heard of include LegalZoom, Read More

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will?

A common misconception many Arizonans have is that those who pass away without a Last Will and Testament (or any other estate planning documents of their own) have no estate plan at all. That’s not entirely true; the state actually has a one-size-fits-all estate plan for those without a Will. If you pass away without one, your estate is subject to Arizona’s intestacy laws. We’ll lay out what you need to understand Read More

Immigration Status and How it Affects Child Custody

Though civil and criminal law matters frequently intersect, issues associated with family law and immigration statuses, respectively, can combine for contentious and emotional legal circumstances. As soon as a marriage or relationship goes south, unsavory spouses occasionally use the immigration status of the other spouse against them.  Conversely, family courts recognize the importance of resolving disputes Read More

Power of Attorney: Which One Do You Need?

You’re probably familiar with the general contours of an estate planning document referred to as “power of attorney.” What many estate planners aren’t aware of, however, are the numerous ways you can structure these documents. This blog will explain some common powers of attorney to help you understand which ones you might need for your situation.  Regular, Springing, or Durable Regardless of the type of power of Read More

Physical vs. Legal Custody in Arizona

When most people hear the term “child custody,” they think of the place where a child (who has co-parents) lies his or her head at night; swapping out living arrangements on Sunday afternoons; and everything else that comes with physical custody of a child. When talking about child custody, though, it is important to distinguish between the two types of custody: legal and physical.  In Arizona, legal custody of a Read More

Breach of Contract in Business Partnerships

The overwhelming majority of commercial lawsuits contain at least one claim of breach of contract. It’s common knowledge that the long-term success of businesses is often predicated on the strength of their underlying contracts. This is especially so with business partnerships, which can easily crumble if a dispute between partners arises and there is no way to deal with the issue under the partnership agreement. So, Read More