Business Law

Comprehensive Legal Services for Your Business Situation

Monahan Law Firm can assist you in every phase of your business’s life cycle, from helping you choose the optimal structure to ensure you have a business succession plan that is best for you and your loved ones. 

Entrepreneurs have an organic passion for starting something that lifts up their community – our firm can provide the legal know-how to make your dream a reality. Visit here to learn more about our business formation services.

Exiting a business when there are multiple founders, owners, or members often gets complex. An accurate way to describe this situation is a “business divorce” due to the many considerations that must be addressed. Our firm is proud to offer exceptional legal services for entrepreneurs going through a business divorce; check out the page for more details.

Entrepreneurs should lean on an experienced business lawyer to help confirm that he or she is proceeding lawfully with any business transaction or exchange that necessitates a contract. Find out more about how we serve our business clients by offering personalized legal services during their high-stakes business transactions.

We enjoy assisting business owners complete the necessary steps to buying or selling their labor of love. Monahan Law Firm can help you negotiate terms of the exchange to optimize your financial standing and assist you during the important due diligence period. Get more details on our experience with this area of business law here.

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