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At Monahan Law firm our Glendale Business purchase lawyer helps individual business owners and businesses with their legal needs. In Arizona, there are a lot of business setups such as transportation and logistics, hospitality, and services industries.

We help businesses with business purchase agreements. This kind of agreement is one where a written agreement acts as a legal instrument to formalize the purchase of a business or another significant asset. Our law firm's approach is aimed at making legal services affordable and yet effective for every business entity.

Our knowledgeable attorneys help businesses go into a smooth transition to the new business model they envision. This way they will have the freedom that they need to continue to grow successfully while following all the necessary laws. Our skilled Glendale business attorneys are ready to serve all business entities including sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations.

At Monahan Law, we care about our clients. If you are in need of an experienced Glendale business attorney then give us a call and schedule a consultation!

Forms You Need When Buying a Business

In order for you to operate a new business legally, it is necessary for you to comply with state, federal, and local government regulations. Most of the time it entails you having to obtain one or more licenses or business permits depending on the type of business. If you are opening a restaurant you may need building permits, signage permits, and health permits among other documents.

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For you to be able to start a business in Arizona it is important for you to have different types of licenses and it will vary depending on the business.  You should carry out research online via the resources provided here and find out about the business license that you need. Carry out a federal, state, and local search. Also, you can talk to our attorney for advice on the necessary documentation.

Your business activities, business location, and license fee are dependent on the state, county, or city that you are in. You should also note that the business license that you need will also vary depending on the factors mentioned above.  Restaurants, plumbing, farming, dry cleaning, and retail are some of the businesses that are commonly regulated online.

You need to know about your own county, city, and state’s regulations. It is recommended for you seek legal help when you are buying a business or starting a new business. You can contact us at Monahan Law firm to ask us questions and let us know how we can help.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business

There are mistakes that you should avoid when you are buying a business. Below are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making;

Not Investing in Professionals

You need to do your due diligence before buying a business. This means that before you buy a business you should examine the financial, legal, and business records of the business that you would like to purchase. This is an opportunity for you to confirm the claims of the seller about the business and learn about any tax issues that may prevent you from completing the transactions.

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So as to save cost there are individuals that can decide to review the case themselves but by doing this they will be at risk of incurring higher costs in the case where they discover something later on after the purchase.

Seek the services of a legal advisor and other professionals if you are serious about purchasing a business.

Other factors include;

  • Buying a Business for the wrong reasons
  • Overlooking or ignoring the culture of the employees
  • Taking too long to involve the bank

Let us take the journey with you as you work towards acquiring your future investment.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You through the Purchase Process

One of the main reasons a business owner should look for an attorney to work on your case is the knowledge that they have.  Our attorneys are professionals that specialize in business transactions in Glendale and they have the legal and industry knowledge that you need in completing a transaction. For example, a knowledgeable attorney knows the documents that you need to ensure that your interests as an entrepreneurial client are both protected and respected.

Purchasing a business will require a variety of documentation such as a certificate of incumbency, an asset purchase agreement, a non-compete agreement, as well as other lending and corporate documents.

When you have an attorney from Monahan Law Firm assisting you in the sale of your business we ensure that all the documents such as the purchase contract that you need during the process comply with the necessary requirements and that they are properly completed so that the purchase process can go along smoothly. Call us and talk to a Glendale business lawyer for assistance at (623) 300-2727. 

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