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A Glendale civil litigation attorney can work diligently on your behalf toward resolving civil litigation issues in an affordable and efficient manner. As a firm that specializes in finding solutions for either potential or already existing legal issues, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients find solutions to their problems.

As a law firm, we work with a variety of individuals, business owners, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and corporations that are small or medium in size. If you are looking for legal help, you can get in touch with a passionate civil litigation attorney from the Monahan Law Firm.

Civil litigation cases can be difficult on your own. Call our firm at (623) 300-2727 to get help.

What is Civil Litigation?

For most people when the word litigation comes up, they think of lengthy courtroom battles. However, civil litigation is also inclusive of arbitration and mediation. The area of civil litigation includes resolving both personal and business disputes. Civil litigation involves resolving legal issues between two or more parties. Parties seek to find civil remedies for various business and personal issues. Civil litigation resolves non-criminal matters that may not require criminal sanctions to be placed.

As a law firm, we understand that every legal matter that we are entrusted with is unique. When our clients come to us we listen to them, listen to the goals that they want to achieve, advise them, and work towards developing a plan of action. We know that the civil litigation process can be lengthy and onerous and we want to walk with you through the process so we can ensure that you get the best legal representation there is.

Not every civil litigation case has to go to trial a lot of civil litigation cases can be resolved during arbitration. Most civil litigation attorneys are skilled and experienced negotiators. Before we represent our clients we want them to understand the risks involved in the process even as we offer them good legal counsel.

We purpose to present a persuasive case before a jury or at a bench trial and we understand that the only way to do that is through preparedness and getting all of the information we need. We are familiar with the process and you can be sure that you will have an experienced attorney by your side whom you can trust when resolving your personal and business issues.

Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Below are some of the common civil litigation cases that we help our clients with:

Breach of Contract Disputes

When a business is being built and it is in the process of growing entering into contracts is a normal part of the business. Even though parties enter into contracts in good faith there are situations where one of the parties may choose to not fulfill their obligations. In order to prove that a breach of contract occurred, there are elements that need to be established.

a man discussing filing a civil claim with an attorney

Construction Disputes

As a property owner, contractor, or subcontractor it is critical for you to have a skilled construction lawyer on your side. Construction issues are complex and having a lawyer that is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced is of great importance.

Consumer Claims

We represent consumers that have fallen victim to tread practices that are either unfair or deceptive. This is inclusive of non-disclosure which often leads to unfair bargaining power. You can book your first initial consultation and talk with a Monahan Law firm consumer claims attorney.

What is the Civil Litigation Process?

There are several general steps that an individual needs to take in order to bring a civil lawsuit in Arizona.

  • Plaintiff files a complaint document with the clerk of court stating why they are suing the defendant.
  • The Plaintiff must state if the legal conflict is eligible for arbitration.
  • A summons and a copy of the complaint are delivered to the defendant.
  • Usually, the defendant has 20 days to either admit or deny what has been addressed in the complaint.
  • Information about the case is exchanged between the plaintiff and the defendant.
  • The case goes before a judge or jury and is tried.
  • Based on the evidence presented the judge or jury will deliver their verdict.
  • If one of the parties does not agree with the ruling they can appeal.

Taking legal action is easier when you have proper representation.

When You Should Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney

We are aware that a big percentage of legal disputes can be easily resolved via other dispute resolution options such as effective negotiations between individuals. Even so, there are certain instances or issues due to their complexity or magnitude that may prompt one to seek legal counsel. When you work with an experienced lawyer you can save yourself money and time. As time goes by unresolved legal issues become more expensive and harder to resolve.

You can work with an experienced litigation attorney that not only has your best interest at heart but as well has a diverse understanding of the law profession. At Monahan law firm we have the legal knowledge you need and we can help you find solutions when you get in touch with us.

How an Attorney Can Help With a Civil Claim

We know that you have basic knowledge of the law. However, a civil claim is complex and without a la background it may not be easy to navigate. We know the ins and outs of the civil legal process and we can help.

You can represent yourself during a civil litigation claim. However, you have a higher chance of losing the case without a civil litigation attorney. To have a chance of success talk to our civil litigation practice about your consumer and business-related disputes.

Why don’t you give a Monahan Law firm civil litigation lawyer a call and let us help you resolve your civil litigation matter in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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