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Legal matters can become complicated when personal feelings and family disputes are involved. Whether it is divorce, child custody and support, prenuptial agreements, spousal maintenance agreements, paternity, and/or order modifications, it is advisable to contact a Glendale family law attorney.

Our experienced attorneys at Monahan Law Firm will help you navigate the legal proceedings for your family law issues and provide legal guidance so you can focus on the needs of your family.

Types of Family Law Cases Our Firm Takes

Monahan Law Firm represents a wide range of family law issues. Anything dealing with the arrangement of the creation or separation of the family may fall under family law. Here are some of the most common reasons to seek legal services. See if any of these apply to your situation.


The dissolution of marriage is an emotional and challenging time. Our experienced divorce attorneys can help you through the entire divorce process. From the division of assets and debt, spousal support, and possible waste claims, you do not have to endure these difficult issues alone. You do not have to endure these difficult times alone. 

Child Support and Child Custody

Any legal situation involving a minor child requires compassion and understanding. When it comes to determining parenting time, legal decision-making, and child support, our divorce attorneys have the experience, compassion, and commitment to see you through the difficult times.

Prenuptial Agreements and Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Before getting married it is important to outline certain prenuptial agreements. This establishes ownership of certain properties and distinguishes individual assets from marital assets. It may also set terms for property division in case of a divorce. Our firm also can help you with post-nuptial agreements. Postnuptial agreements outline asset division in case of divorce after a couple is married.

Spousal maintenance agreements cover different forms of spousal support or alimony. Whether you and your spouse would like to set up permanent, temporary, or lump sum payments, our law offices can provide legal assistance and/or legal representation in the creation and signing of these documents. 


A petition to establish paternity can be filed by the father, mother, guardian, or conservator. These are typically filed to hold the father responsible for child support or to establish paternal rights. They can also be filed to determine paternal rights in order to determine whether the child is a rightful heir. Whether you find yourself pursuing child support or need a court order for a parenting plan, an experienced paternity attorney at Monahan Law firm can help you. 

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Order Modifications

Our offices can help you navigate the legal process of filing petitions for the modifications of a court order. This includes wanting to change court-ordered parenting plans, child support, or legal decision-making rights. Sometimes the process can be as simple as filling out forms in complicated situations it can involve court hearings. 

Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney

When your household is being subjected to serious changes in the dynamics, it's important to have your legal rights protected. An attorney can simplify the technical parts and alleviate stress in the personal parts. It's important to have legal counsel so that you can ensure a favorable outcome for yourself.

How to Find the Right Family Law Firm

When considering hiring an attorney for your family law issues, it's important to seek a legal team that is experienced, supportive, compassionate, and dedicated. You want a team that has been successful in cases like yours. 

Do You Have to Go to Court for Family Law Cases?

Not in all cases. Many family law cases can be settled out of court. If both parties can work together with the help of mediation and the right legal experience, more often than not an acceptable agreement can be reached before having to go to court. There may be mandatory hearings throughout the legal process, but not all disputes require evidence or decisions ordered by the judge. 

Review Your Case With Our Family Law Attorneys

At Monahan Law Firm, we pride ourselves on treating you as a person no matter the legal matter. We understand the sensitive nature of any situation that involves your home and your loved ones. We believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients and defending them to our fullest extent throughout the entire process. We value your rights, your family, and your goals. 

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