How to Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Settlement

The immediate aftermath of a serious personal injury can be extremely chaotic, while the longer-term future can build up stress and anxiety over medical bills, missed days at work, and other expenses – not to mention physical pain and suffering. In these situations, our team knows that every dollar matters when it comes to a personal injury settlement benefiting you or a loved one. That’s why we have compiled a list of ways to increase your chances of a high payout. 

Tip No. 1: Get medical care immediately. The purpose here is two-fold: one, any personal injury that takes you out of work or disrupts your normal routines is highly likely to necessitate medical care. This is true even when no injuries are obvious. For example, some internal injuries caused by auto accidents take days to become symptomatic. The second thing getting medical care accomplishes is communicating to insurance companies and the other side that the injury was indeed serious. If you end up in the hospital, be sure to follow up with your primary care physician promptly after you are discharged. 

Tip No. 2: Hold onto all relevant documents. This includes all medical bills, scheduled doctor’s appointments, empty paychecks, and police reports. If you are able to, call the police or EMT’s when circumstances render their appropriate. 

Tip No. 3: Get an independent assessment of your case. Getting an opinion from more than one physician helps ensure that your claim is of a proper amount. The vast majority of doctors are trustworthy, but if you suspect that their prognosis after a serious injury might be a little too rosy, do not hesitate to confer with another medical professional. 

Tip No. 4: Confer with a competent Arizona personal injury attorney. The bottom line is that nothing will help along your personal injury case better than partnering with an experienced attorney. An attorney will be able to objectively assess your claim and advise you on the types of damages you should pursue in your case. For example, besides economic damages (settlements that aim to compensate for money lost after an injury), you could choose to ask for non-economic damages, like loss of consortium or pain and suffering. To optimize your relationship with your attorney, be transparent about your goals and what you have experienced as a result of your attorney. Do your best to respond swiftly when prompted by your attorney to provide documents and other pieces of evidence. 


It may feel like you no longer control your own life after a serious personal injury, but don’t lose hope. Our firm would be honored to take a look at your case and discuss your options with you. Give Monahan Law Firm a call today at 623-385-3190.

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