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Business owners can run into a multitude of complicated legal situations during all parts of their company's life cycle. From the time that you start your business to when it is sold, there are many things that can happen and you need to be prepared for them. The Phoenix business lawyers at Monahan Law Firm can help prepare you for and assist you through any legal matters that may arise, from helping you choose the optimal structure to ensure you have a business succession plan that is best for you and your loved ones. Entrepreneurs have an organic passion for starting something that lifts up their community – our firm can provide the legal know-how to make your dream a reality.

Our lawyers understand the steps to help entrepreneurs deal with business law challenges through their journey through every step of the process, from initially forming a company all the way to the sale of it. Business law is complex and the process of the formation of the company, state of incorporation, company valuation, and shares can impact it in many ways. We focus on all manner of business law, including:

Business Litigation

When a business dispute occurs litigation may arise. While some disputes can be resolved through negotiations it may be necessary to go to court for more complex business issues. If you find your business facing litigation you will need an advocate not only with knowledge of the law but also with practical legal experience resolving disputes.

Our attorneys represent clients in all business litigation matters in court. We're experienced in handling a wide range of business disputes, including simple breaches of contract, to more complicated legal matters, like shareholder disputes.

Selling a Business

Selling a business in the state of Arizona is inherently a complicated business transaction. Business sales are typically structured as a stock sale, membership interest sale, or a sale of business assets. Our business sale lawyers can provide counsel to owners looking to sell their company to ensure their assets are properly valued and forms are drafted properly.

Business Transactions

Entrepreneurs should lean on an experienced business lawyer to help confirm that he or she is proceeding lawfully with any business transaction or exchange that necessitates a contract. Our team is ready to draft, review and negotiate contracts for our clients so they can conduct their business as profit­ably and efficiently as possible. We provide each client with personalized legal services during their high-stakes business transactions.

an attorney reviewing business contracts for a client

Forming a Business

There are many different factors involved in starting a business. Business owners must comply with a variety of regulations and laws and make some very important decisions in a relatively quick timeframe. Abiding by all of these factors can put serious pressure on business owners.

We are experienced business attorneys who can help you with all legal aspects of forming your new business. Talking to a business formation lawyer can help you feel confident that you understand the legal issues involved and make the best decisions for your situation. We provide our clients with a wide variety of legal advice and services regarding business formation.

Business Purchases

Many legal issues can occur when purchasing or merging a business. At the Monahan Law Firm, we have extensive experience in handling business purchases and can ensure you do so correctly. If not done correctly purchasing or merging a business can lead to litigation, and we know how to prevent this. We work closely with each client to ensure all forms and contracts are filed properly.

Business Partner Disputes

Exiting a business when there are multiple founders, owners, or members often gets complex. An accurate way to describe this situation is a “business divorce” due to the many considerations that must be addressed. Our firm is proud to offer exceptional legal services for entrepreneurs going through a business divorce; check out the page for more details.

We enjoy assisting business owners to complete the necessary steps to buying or selling their labor of love. Monahan Law Firm can help you negotiate terms of the exchange to optimize your financial standing and assist you during the important due diligence period. You can reach out to an experienced business attorney through the contact form or call 623-300-2727 to schedule a consultation and get started solving your business law issues.  

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