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Can You File a Lawsuit Against a Solar Panel Company?

Updated: March 23, 2023

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At Monahan Law Firm our solar panel lawsuit attorneys specialize in cases related to solar energy, such as consumer rights, and fraudulent disputes over incentives or tax credits. Due to the complexity of these cases, the guidance of an experienced civil litigation attorney is essential in understanding the legal issues and options involved regarding lawsuits against solar panel companies. To discuss your potential case call us today at (623) 300-2727.

Common Types of Solar Panel Lawsuits

Solar panel lawsuits are becoming more common as people become increasingly aware of the environmental, financial, and health benefits of solar energy. Solar panels are often used to generate electricity for homes or businesses to reduce energy costs. However, if something goes wrong with the solar power company during panel installation or operation, legal action may be necessary.

Solar panel lawsuits typically involve defective products and negligence. Scams related to solar panels often use door-to-door and seminar sales tactics to manipulate buyers into signing deals for solar panel systems that may seem too good. Exceptionally good deals may require long-term energy bill agreements, which can prevent homeowners from selling without substantial penalties.

Consumers need to research past customer reviews and ratings before signing any deals. Before signing any paperwork, consumers must do their homework and research each company properly.

Sales Practices With a Lack of Transparency

Solar panel sales scams have resulted in many lawsuits and negative reports from Attorney General offices. These unscrupulous companies have been accused of using deceptive sales practices and illegally accessing consumer credit reports.

Consumers need to be cautious when dealing with these firms as they may be at risk of unwanted costs or signing contracts without fully understanding them. While solar power is a sustainable source of energy, it is important to research and vet potential providers before making any commitments.

solar panels on a home

Being informed can prevent scams and save money in the long run. Some solar panel sellers may try to access your credit report without your knowledge, but they need your permission. Falsifying documents to obtain your report can be a criminal offense. Honesty and transparency are important when discussing personal financial information with a solar company. If a solar salesperson tries to deceive you, it's best to avoid them.

If anything seems suspicious, contact Monahan Law Firm before proceeding.

Unfair Business Practices

Empty promises often accompany financial transactions, especially with solar panel installations and leases. Clients are paying far more than promised, locked into expensive contracts for at least twenty years, and often abandoned by installers immediately after the deal is made. This behavior leaves clients with insurmountable expenses and broken promises. The ramifications of these deceptive practices are enormous, from bankruptcy to repossession.

Advocacy groups and civil society have attempted legislative reform, but the penalties applied are not effective in dissuading dishonest practices. Until these issues are addressed, innocent customers will continue to fall victim to false guarantees and empty promises.

Property Damage Claims

While the solar energy industry has grown quickly, some consumers have fallen victim to defective or fraudulent solar power systems installation and services. Homeowners have been scammed into contracts that exceed their planned costs.

Additionally, solar panels can cause property damage such as electrical shock, fire, water damage, and destruction of roofs and other structures. Counterfeit or shoddily made equipment has caused damage, and some companies may not provide maintenance and repair services. When damages occur, it is necessary to file a lawsuit to seek compensation.

Monahan Law Firm focuses on representing Arizona homeowners and consumers whose rights have been violated. We seek justice against fraudulent installers and lenders who misrepresented their products or services. Our goal is to hold these companies accountable and secure fair compensation for our clients.

We recognize the harm that poorly installed solar systems can cause to a consumer's home, property value, and finances. We take satisfaction in assisting people during their time of need.

Breach of Contract Claims

When one or both parties fail to uphold their obligations in a contract, a breach of contract claim may be filed. This can include not delivering goods or services on time, not meeting quality standards, or not paying for services rendered.

It is advisable to thoroughly review hard copies of all relevant documents before signing. Get a paper copy, even if a salesperson shows you a contract electronically as this protects you from hidden clauses and prevents disputes.

Litigation Strategies for Solar Panel Lawsuits

Solar panel lawsuits are becoming increasingly common as more homeowners and businesses become dissatisfied with solar panel installers. Litigation strategies for these cases can vary depending on the individual situation but generally involve claims of negligent installation, breach of contract, or product defects.

If you believe you have suffered damages and want to seek compensation, it is important to be aware of your legal rights and effective litigation strategies. To begin, you should verify that your claim is legitimate.

If you have any inquiries or worries about the sale, installation, or warranty of solar panels in your home, the Monahan law firm can assist.

Gather Evidence to Prove Liability and Damages

If you are considering a solar panel lawsuit, it is important to understand the legal elements necessary for success. A successful lawsuit will require evidence to prove that liability and damages have occurred due to faulty solar panels. To build a strong case, it is essential to gather evidence from witnesses, photographs of the damaged property, and other materials which can be used in court.

Analyze Electronic Documents and Loan Terms

Analyzing electronic documents and loan terms is an important step in a solar panel lawsuit. When suing lenders or installers of solar panels, it is important to understand the electronic documents related to the loan and installation agreements.

3 men installing solar panels on a house's roof

By studying these documents, attorneys can build a case against the responsible parties by identifying potential issues with the loan agreement and any discrepancies between what was promised and what was delivered.

Negotiating On Your Behalf

Having an experienced consumer protection attorney to negotiate on your behalf is crucial in a solar panel company lawsuit. Your lawyer will review your case, advise on legal strategies, and understand potential outcomes.

Monahan Law Firm is knowledgeable in renewable energy, including financing, contracts, and regulations, with lots of experience helping consumers invest in renewable energy. We provide personalized attention and customized legal solutions to support our client's objectives.

Is it Possible to Terminate a Contract With a Solar Panel Company?

There are options available to help you if you regret signing a solar panel contract. If the company used fraudulent or misleading sales tactics, you can cancel the contract without penalty.

Terminating a solar panel contract can be a complicated process that may involve providing written notice or taking legal action. Once the contract has been terminated, it is important to inform any creditors who may have funded the installation with written notice. Seeking guidance from a specialized attorney before proceeding is recommended.

For Help With a Lawsuit Against a Solar Panel Company Contact Monahan Law Today

If you are looking for experienced legal representation to help you with a solar panel lawsuit, contact Monahan Law Firm today at (623) 300-2727!

Our award-winning law firm specializes in representing clients who have suffered financial losses due to the installation of defective solar panels or systems. Our attorneys understand the ins and outs of solar panel law and can provide effective representation in a wide variety of cases.

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